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Climate-Friendly Areas
Oregon’s Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities Rules requires some cities, including Springfield, to reduce air pollution by allowing places that enable people to get around by ways other than driving alone. This Climate-Friendly Areas project is one way Springfield is working to meet these needs.
Project Overview
Project Update (May 21, 2024): Thank You & New Materials Posted

Thanks to all who took time to provide feedback on what you think about Springfield's potential Climate-Friendly Areas, whether it was through the survey or otherwise! While we welcome your thoughts at any time, the project team is now closely reviewing what we heard over the past month. This feedback will be summarized and will inform the project team’s discussion with Planning Commission on June 18, 2024 and City Council on June 24, 2024 about whether to potentially narrow the areas under consideration or to continue exploring all four areas: Downtown, Glenwood Riverfront, Mohawk, and Gateway/RiverBend. 

We heard similar questions and comments during this first round of focused engagement. Check out our "Common Questions Answered" in the Resources link to see our answers to some of our community members' most common questions and concerns.

Why are we doing this work?
In 2007, the Oregon Legislature established a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Oregon is falling short of reaching its target. In response, Executive Order 20-04, issued by Governor Brown in 2020, directed State agencies to take additional actions to reduce emissions. To meet the Executive Order, the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development created the Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities rules. One component of the rules requires some cities, including Springfield, to designate one or more Climate-Friendly Areas. 

What are Climate-Friendly Areas?
Climate-Friendly Areas have potential to reduce air pollution and prioritize equitable outcomes. The vision for Climate-Friendly Areas includes:
  • Dense, urban mixed use centers that will have plenty of jobs, homes, and services close to each other so people can meet most of their needs without relying on a car
  • Areas that have (or have plans for) high-quality pedestrian, bicycle, and transit infrastructure to provide frequent, safe, and convenient connections to key destinations within Springfield and the region
  • Practical strategies to avoid or alleviate the need for people to relocate elsewhere due to rising costs, and to keep and increase affordable housing options

Want to learn more about this project or ways to get involved?
There are several ways to get more information. You can:
  • Review documents by clicking on the "Resources" link or scrolling down to access them 
  • View this presentation
  • Explore this Story Map (note: the linked survey closed May 17, 2024)
  • Search for a property using this interactive map 

To hear about ways to participate along the way, check this project webpage, subscribe to e-mail updates at the bottom of this page, or contact us! You can also follow the City of Springfield on social media for periodic project updates and other City announcements.  

Contact Information

Chelsea Hartman, Senior Planner
Project Manager
541-726-3648 / 711-Relay  I  [email protected]  

Para Español
Molly Markarian, Senior Planner
541-726-4611 / 711-Relay  I  [email protected] 
Springfield Climate-Friendly Areas Overview
Chelsea Hartman
Senior Planner: Project Manager
Monica Sather
Project Staff: Engagement Lead
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Update Tue, May 21, 2024
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Posted
Check out the "Resources" link to see what community members are asking most about and our answers. We hope this is a helpful resource! Please feel free to reach out with more questions if you have any along the way.
Tue, Jun 18, 2024
Planning Commission Work Session - Meeting materials and details for how to join in-person, online, or by phone will be available the week before the meeting at . You can also contact staff with questions or for assistance.
Mon, Jun 24, 2024
City Council Work Session - Meeting materials and details for how to join in-person, online, or by phone will be available the week before the meeting at: . You can also contact staff with questions or for assistance.
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