Approved - Unanimously approved.

Major Variance Application for 5409 Ivy Street

Case: 811-21-000198-TYP3
Applicant requests Major Variance approval for the required 18' setback from the front of property for the construction of a new proposed garage at his property located at 5409 Ivy Street (Assessor's Map 18-02-04-00, Tax Lot 300), and applicant believes the application meets the Major Variance Criteria. Setbacks are covered by the Springfield Development Code (SDC) Section 3.2-215, and this property is zoned Low Density Residential (LDR).
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Agenda Item Summary for Major Variance Request ( 0.08 MB )
Attachment 1: Planning Commission Order ( 0.06 MB )
Exhibit A: Applicant Site Plan ( 0.19 MB )
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Exhibit C: Staff Report and Findings ( 0.21 MB )
Attachment 2: Applicant Submittal for Major Variance ( 0.71 MB )
Decision Making Criteria
Springfield Development Code (SDC) Section 5.21-130 
Major Variances—Criteria

Major Variances involve discretionary decision-making and apply to those Variances that are not Minor Variances as specified in Section 5.21-125. The Approval Authority may approve or approve with conditions a Major Variance on finding that all of the following approval criteria are satisfied, otherwise the request will be denied:
A.        An unusual condition exists that is unique to: a lot/parcel, building or structure; lot/parcel size, shape or topography; the location or size of physical improvements; or other similar circumstances not anticipated by this Code but related to the property that would deprive the owner of rights commonly enjoyed by other property owners similarly situated in the same zoning district;
B.        The Variance shall not be inconsistent with the development standards of this Code or of any applicable Refinement Plan diagram, Plan District map, Conceptual Development Plan or other applicable plans or studies;
C.        The Variance shall have no significant adverse affects on other properties in the same zoning district and/or vicinity, or the request can be conditioned so that there are no significant adverse affects;
D.        The unusual condition described in Subsection A. above shall not arise from a previous Code violation or rely only on loss of profit or financial need;
E.         The Variance requested is the minimum necessary to alleviate the unusual condition.

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