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Housing in Non-Residential Areas - Code Amendments
Housing in Non-Residential Areas : The City of Springfield and Lane County are proposing amendments to the Springfield Development Code. This action involves amendments to the Springfield Development Code for Sections 4.7.370 Income-Qualified Housing on Property Owned by Religious Nonprofits, 4.7.405 Income-Qualified Housing, and various other sections. This project is a continuation of work that has been ongoing since 2018 involving a phased plan to update the entire Springfield Development Code. Updating the Development Code to support efficient, timely, and clear development review is part of Springfield’s Housing Strategy. This work would amend income-qualified housing-related code sections from bills that were passed by the 2023 Oregon Legislature:   House Bill 2984 – Commercial to Residential Building Conversions    House Bill 3151 – Manufactured Dwelling Parks on Non-Residential Lands    House Bill 3395 –Residential Use of Commercial Lands     The City is also using this opportunity to make other changes to the code for clarity and ease of use including: Significant changes to SDC 4.7.100 for various land use districts; Changes to SDC 4.7.375 through SDC 4.7.385 for Architectural Design and multiple unit housing; Changes to SDC 5.15.110 Minimum Development Standards and SDC 5.17.110 for Site Plan Review for multiple unit housing; and Changes to SDC 6.1.110 Definitions.


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Decision Criteria
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
The request is subject to approval criteria in Springfield Development Code (SDC) 5.6.115, which covers adoption or amendment of refinement plans, plan districts and the development code. The following approval criteria are listed under SDC 5.6.115:  
A.          In reaching a decision on the adoption or amendment of refinement plans and this Code’s text, the City Council shall adopt findings that demonstrate conformance to the following:
1.         The Metro Plan and Springfield Comprehensive Plan;
2.         Applicable State statutes; and
3.         Applicable State-wide Planning Goals and Administrative Rules.
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