Planning Commission Meeting
Work Session & Public Hearing
2 items Tue, Apr 4, 2023 at 6:00pm
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Public Hearing: Metro Plan Amendment for Wastewater Service to Goshen & Landfill
Public Hearing for City of Eugene, City of Springfield, and Lane County Planning Commissions on amending the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area Plan (Metro Plan) to allow for wastewater service to be extended to the rural unincorporated community of Goshen and for transport of leachate from Lane County's Short Mountain Landfill. The Commissions closed the public hearing but left the record open to accept comments until 5 pm on April 11.


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Section 5.14.135 of the Springfield Development Code
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
A Metro Plan amendment may be approved only if the Springfield City Council and other applicable governing body or bodies find that the proposal conforms to the following criteria:
(A)       The amendment shall be consistent with applicable Statewide Planning Goals; and
(B)       Plan inconsistency:
       (1)        In those cases where the Metro Plan applies, adoption of the amendment shall not make the Metro Plan internally inconsistent.
      (2)        In cases where Springfield Comprehensive Plan applies, the amendment shall be consistent with the Springfield Comprehensive Plan. (6331)
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