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Formal Interpretation of Terms

Case: 811-20-000248-TYP2
Type II Formal Interpretation of Term or Phrase, elevated to Type III review according to Springfield Development Code (SDC) 5.11-130.A. The Springfield Utility Board (SUB) seeks interpretation of the terms “water quality limited watercourse”; “watercourse”; and “riparian area” as they relate to the City’s water quality protection standards described in SDC Section 4.3-115. SUB also seeks clarification of which watercourses and riparian areas depicted on the City’s Water Quality Limited Watercourses Map are subject to riparian area restrictions in SDC 4.3-115.A, which watercourses and riparian areas are regulated by SDC 4.3-115.C, and how these regulations relate to the regulations in SDC 4.3-110.

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AIS for SUB formal interpretation ( 0.08 MB )
ATT 1 - SUB formal interpretation staff report ( 1.05 MB )
ATT 2 - Application for Formal Interpretation ( 4.26 MB )
ATT 3 - Supporting Exhibits ( 21.86 MB )
ATT 4 - PC Order ( 0.68 MB )
Vicinity Map ( 2.44 MB )
public comments from saxton ( 0.05 MB )
Applicant's Submittal to Record 1-20-2021 ( 30.3 MB )
Criteria for Formal Interpretation of Terms or Phrases

Springfield Development Code – Section 5.11-125 Interpretation of Terms or Phrases

A. Application Submittal. The request shall include:

     1. The particular term or phrase requiring Interpretation; and

     2. The applicant’s statement describing what the particular term or phrase means.

B. Criteria. The Director shall interpret a term or phrase, after consultation with the City

     Attorney and City staff. The meaning of any term or phrase:

    1. Shall be consistent with the purpose and intent of this Code, including any

        Chapter or Section to which the term or phrase is related;

    2. May be determined by legislative history, including staff reports and public

        hearing tapes and minutes; and

    3. Shall be consistent with any dictionary of common usage, if criteria 1. and/or 2.,

        above cannot be applied.

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Applicant's submittal to written record.
January 20, 2021, 4:15 PM
Michael Gelardi
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January 15, 2021, 4:01 PM
Michelle & Dawn Saxton
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