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Zoning Map Amendment for Drinking Water Protection Overlay

Case: 811-19-000302-TYP3
The City of Springfield and Springfield Utility Board (SUB) work together to make sure Springfield's drinking water is safe and high quality. One way to do this is through the Drinking Water Protection (DWP) Overlay District, which is a type of zoning district. The City and SUB propose a Zoning Map Amendment to apply the Drinking Water Protection Overlay District to property recently added to the Springfield urban growth boundary (UGB). The Zoning Map Amendment would establish the drinking water protection requirements of the Springfield Development Code (Section 3.3-200) in these UGB expansion areas. The UGB expansion areas are generally located in: (1) North Gateway in northwest Springfield; (2) Mill Race in south Springfield; and (3) Willamalane Park Properties along north Springfield (see Vicinity Map). To find if a specific property is within the area covered by the DWP Overlay District, use the interactive location map and select "Natural_Features_Hazards" on the layer list (click on an icon that looks like three stacked squares), click on the arrow next to it to expand the list, and then select "Wells".
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Agenda Item Summary ( 0.09 MB )
ATT1 - Staff Report ( 1.04 MB )
ATT2 - List of Subject Properties (Table) ( 0.63 MB )
ATT3 - Current and Proposed Plan Designations and Zoning (Maps) ( 14.28 MB )
ATT4 - Springfield Wellhead Protection Areas (Maps) ( 15.88 MB )
ATT5 - Letter of Support from the Rainbow Water District ( 0.67 MB )
Criteria for Zoning Map Amendments
The Planning Commission or Hearings Official may approve, approve with conditions or deny a quasi-judicial Zoning Map amendment based upon the following criteria of approval:

Springfield Development Code (SDC) 5.22-115
1. Consistency with applicable Metro Plan policies and the Metro Plan diagram
2. Consistency with applicable Refinement Plans, Plan District maps, Conceptual Development Plans
and functional plans
3. The property is presently provided with adequate public facilities, services and transportation networks to support the use, or these facilities, services and transportation networks are planned to be provided concurrently with the development of the property
4.b. Comply with Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 660-012-0060, where applicable

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